web3privacy now - 350+ privacy projects empowering Web3

Web3privacy now is a research project aimed at building a culture of privacy industry in web3: the most extensive database of privacy-enhancing solutions, the framework for PEDApps ideation, use-cases database & many more. Feel free to collaborate. donate

Block Description
Manifesto Research project ideological foundation
2023 Roadmap Forthcoming activities that will empower humans & industry privacy-level
Pagency framework for private use-case ideation a tool to facilitate impactful privacy-enhancing ideas & raise privacy culture in web3
Privacy use-cases database ideas & references for privacy builders
Web3 Privacy Hiring find your next privacy work
ZK privacy-enhancing solutions database Unified database of the privacy-enhancing ZK solutions
Web3privacy now analytical platform Creating analytical service for privacy

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⚠️ Note! Highlighted Privacy Enhanced Decentralised Applications (PEDApps) facilitate a different approach to privacy. Their solutions' maturity varies from conceptualisation to mainnet. So use them cautiously, especially when projects don't have a third-party security audit. That's why Web3Privacy Now is ongoing research: aggregation (we are here now) - audit - scoring.

25.11. (current approach to PEDApps aggregation): explicit focus on privacy + alive project.

Feel free to update the list!



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  • Shade - Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network (GitHub)
  • Silent protocol - Silent Protocol is the first protocol enabling compliant full-stack privacy for smart contract assets and web3 applications at scale.
  • XATA - A MEV Minimization solution to survive the Dark Forest (Docs)
  • Sienna Network - Sienna is a privacy-first and cross-chain decentralized finance platform where you can privately swap, lend and convert your tokens into their private equivalent (GitHub)
  • Elusiv - Create blockchain privacy solutions that are built for everyday transactions — with the power of scalable ZK infrastructure on Solana ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Offshift - Offshift’s proprietary Shifting mechanism allows users to Shift between our native token, XFT, and a full palette of private synthetics (GitLab)
  • CAPE - Configurable Asset Privacy for Ethereum (GitHub)
  • Evanesco - A financial protocol platform that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework. (GitHub)
  • Dusk Network - Is technology for securities. An open source and secure blockchain (DLT) infrastructure that businesses use to tokenize financial instruments and automate costly processes.(GitHub)
  • Manta Pay - MantaPay is coming to Calamari as the first privacy payment solution in the Kusama ecosystem.✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Webb - an interoperable private bridge ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Panther Protocol - is a decentralized privacy metaprotocol enabling confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability with DeFi ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • zk.money - The private DeFi yield aggregator for Ethereum.✨️ZK (Docs)
  • RAILGUN - Private transfers and DeFi infra for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum.✨️ZK (Docs)
  • Umbra - As a protocol, Umbra defines a simple set of standards, coupled with a singleton smart contract instance, to enable stealth addresses on Ethereum (GitHub)
  • Light Shield - private transactions for Solana.(Docs)
  • Horizon - Decentralized Anonymous Payment Systems ✨️ZK
  • ZKValidator - Earn staking rewards, and join us on our mission to accelerate bringing Privacy to web3 and blockchain.
  • Diva - Free banking technology for everyone: everyone can join in, everyone can use DIVA.EXCHANGE (GitHub)
  • Yellow Submarine - the first and only multichain dApp to offer plug-and-play private DeFi (PriFi) across all EVM-compatible chains (Docs)
  • BasicSwap - Private Cross-Chain DEX (GitHub0)
  • Common - Common will be a decentralized exchange that mitigates the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) problem.
  • Sacred - multi-chain DeFi Platform offers private Yield Bearing Deposits to DeFi users ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Sahara - The first dedicated privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trade between volatile and stable assets
  • DeFiner - Permission-less and configurable decentralized lending protocol with privacy 100% protected ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Hurricane Protocol - A fully decentralized protocol offering private transactions on both the Terra & NEAR. (GitHub)
  • StealthPay - a stealth address protocol for Ethereum. (GitHub)
  • BlackBox - collection of tools allowing you send & receive SCRT anonymously


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  • Zcash - Zcash is a digital currency - fast and confidential with low fees (GitLab)
  • Monero - Private, decentralized cryptocurrency that keeps your finances confidential and secure (GitHub)
  • Iron Fish - The Privacy Platform for Web3 (GitHub)
  • MobileCoin - MobileCoin makes global payments inexpensive, secure and fast (GitHub)
  • GRin - Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions (GitHub)
  • Epic Cash - Decentralized privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency developed by a growing volunteer community.
  • Pirate Chain - The most anonymous cryptocurrency, a truly private, decentralized blockchain.(GitHub)
  • SILK - Private Algorithmic Stable Coin
  • BOB Protocol - BOB is a multi-chain, multi-collateral stable token enhanced with optional privacy features (GitHub)
  • Decred - A blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a strong focus on community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development (Docs)
  • Firo - A privacy preserving cryptocurrency and ecosystem (GitHub)
  • PivX - Experience the freedom of global digital cash with SHIELD User Data Protection. Be your own bank with full control of your digital assets (GitHub)
  • Beam - Best in class privacy coin and confidential DeFi platform (GitHub)
  • Oxen - Oxen is a cryptocurrency powering a new class of interconnected privacy apps (GitHub)
  • PART - A modern digital currency that respects your rights (GitHub)
  • Zano - Zano is the development of a scalable and secure coin, with confidential assets support (GitHub)
  • Navcoin - An open-sourced digital currency offering fast and reliable payments with innovative technological and privacy features (GitHub)
  • ColossusXT - A community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation (GitHub)
  • DeepOnion - DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is integrated with the Tor network (GitHub)
  • Beldex - Beldex is a privacy currency based on Monero, Beldex currently offers incentive based Master Nodes and in future Beldex will be using POS instead of POW (GitHub)
  • Ghost - Proof of Stake privacy coin to help make you nothing but a "ghost" when transacting online (GitHub)
  • BlackHat Coin - Privacy focused decentralized cryptocurrency providing truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Basic Attention Token - Making Crypto and DeFi accessible and useable for everyone (powered by Brave)
  • Discreet - Discreet is a game-changing cryptocurrency with a sharp focus on total privacy and blistering speed (GitHub)


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  • DarkFi - DarkFi is a new Layer 1 blockchain, designed with anonymity at the forefront. It offers flexible private primitives that can be wielded to create any kind of application (GitHub)
  • Manta Network - On-Chain Privacy for Web 3, DeFi and more ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • NYM - Nym is developing the infrastructure to prevent this data leakage by protecting every packet’s metadata at the network and application layers (GitHub)
  • Secret Network - Secret Network is the first blockchain with customizable privacy. You get to choose what you share, with whom, and how. This protects users, and empowers developers to build a better Web3 (GitHub)
  • Mina - The world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Using zero knowledge technology, Mina is creating the infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Oasis Network - The Oasis Network is a privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy (GitHub)
  • PlatOn Network - Combining blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technologies, PlatON is building a decentralized and collaborative AI network and global brain to drive the democratization of AI for safe artificial general intelligence (GitHub)
  • Penumbra - Penumbra is a shielded, cross-chain network allowing anyone to securely transact, stake, swap, or marketmake without broadcasting their personal information to the world (GitHub)
  • NuCypher - Cryptographic Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Applications (GitHub)
  • Anoma - An intent-centric, privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multi-chain atomic settlement (GitHub)
  • Espresso Systems - Bring low-fees and better privacy to your Web3 applications with Espresso Systems' high-throughput EVM-compatible blockchain (GitHub)
  • Findora - A decentralized, privacy-preserving smart contract platform. Build the next privacy dApp for any EVM-chain with the world’s leading zero-knowledge technology-explore all new possibilities (GitHub)
  • Suterusu - A suite of privacy-preserving services to obfuscate transactional and asset information to protect them from unwanted attention and malicious hacking. Our goal is to bring privacy-preserving and fair payment services to all the digital assets in the Web 3.0 world (GitHub)
  • HOPR - provides full control over privacy, data and metadata (GitHub)
  • Concordium - A compliance ready blockchain backed by science that enables private and public transactions (GitHub)
  • Horizen - The Zero-Knowledge Enabled Network of Blockchains✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Parami - Parami is short for para metaverse identity. As the next generation identity protocol based on the W3C decentralized identity standard, it is designed for metaverse and Web 3 users with self-sovereign and permissionless service.
  • Mystiko.Network - The Universal Web3 Zero-Knowledge Connectivity And Privacy Base Layer ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Nulink - Privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications (GitHub)
  • RUBY - The Decentralized Privacy-Centric Protocol for Web3 (GitHub)
  • Raze Network - Raze Network is a EVM-compatible Privacy Layer on Multichains (GitHub)
  • Privatixy - Privatixy Protocol is an open-source protocol that offers a wide variety of solutions for privacy preservation for blockchain users.
  • Omnia - Secure blockchain node infrastructure (GitHub)
  • Unova - The ultimate Multi-Layered Web3 infrastructure for Supply Chain and Real-World Asset use cases.
  • Light Protocol - The Privacy Layer for Solana (Docs)
  • Verida - A multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging built on decentralized identity (GitHub)
  • Partisia blockchain - Partisia Blockchain is built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization (Docs)
  • Integritee - Integritee is the most scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data (GitHub)
  • XX network - the first and only quantum-resistant and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem (GitLab)
  • Fedimint - An open source protocol to custody and transact bitcoin in a community context, built on a strong foundation of privacy (GitHub)
  • Calamari network - Calamari, Manta Network's canary net, is the plug-and-play privacy-preservation parachain built to serve the Kusama world. It combines Kusama and zkSNARK to bring inter-operable, easy to use, highly-performant and auditable on-chain privacy to transactions and further use cases ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Auth3 - Authentic Privacy Computing Network into Web 3.0
  • Aleo - The World's First IDE for Zero-Knowledge Proofs ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Automata Network - Automata Network is the privacy middleware layer building for a fair Web3. Its core suite of products include 1RPC, 2FA Guru, NFTFair, AnyDAO and XATA to address perennial issues of exploitation on the blockchain without compromising on security (GitHub)
  • iExec - The Web3 Marketplace (GitHub)
  • Keep - The privacy-focused infrastructure behind tBTCv2, the only truly decentralized solution for Bitcoin on Ethereum (GitHub)
  • Dero - A general purpose, private, and scalable decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications, while users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy (Docs)
  • Haven Protocol - Haven Protocol is the world’s only network of private stable assets (GitHub)
  • Utopia - All-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, anonymous payments and private browsing.
  • Scala - Scala is an open-source cryptocurrency. Distributed wealth for all devices (GitHub)
  • Mysterium - An open-source ecosystem of tools and infrastructure to liberate the web (GitHub)
  • Arcana - Users care about Privacy and Security, set your app apart with the most developer friendly data storage and privacy platform. Takes minutes to integrate (Docs)
  • Namada - Interchain Privacy (Specs)
  • Highline - Highline is an execution layer for Ethereum (Docs)
  • TomoChainP - TomoP is a privacy protocols developed on TomoChain and designed to create safe and untraceable transactions (GitHub)
  • burstIQ - Fuel your digital-first strategy with human health data. LifeGraph® takes the complexity out of managing sensitive human data freeing you to build trust through hyper-personalized health, work, and life digital experiences.
  • Lit - Lit is Decentralized Cryptography for Access Control, Compute, and Encryption (Docs)
  • Onino - A Public Blockchain Delivering Privacy, On-Chain Identity, and Scalability. Built with a Unique DAG-Based Consensus Protocol to Provide Scalability for Large-Scale Use Cases.
  • Masq - Meet MASQ, the dMeshVPN, browser, dAppStore, protocol, and earning ecosystem that makes living in Web3 anonymous and private (GitHub)
  • Trocador App - Trocador is a privacy-focused exchange aggregator. Anonymous service, no Java, no registration, onion site available.
  • Calimero network - Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains (GitHub)
  • Orbis - We make it easy to add social features to your application (GitHub)
  • ZeroNet - Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network (GitHub)
  • MACI - Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI) is a base layer for bribery-resistant, secure, and private digital voting. (GitHub)
  • Threshold - A decentralized threshold cryptography network (GitHub)
  • Anytype - the digital assets and communities you create are truly yours. Here, you can decide how your data is used, shared, and valued. (GitHub)
  • ZeroPool - is fully private multi-blockchain solution. Low transaction fees, atomic swaps and common anonymity set.
  • Pollen Mobile - The world's first decentralized, user owned and operated mobile network. (Docs)
  • LayerX - A privacy-preserving blockchain on Substrate (GitHub)


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  • Lunar aka Brume Wallet - the first privacy native Ethereum wallet based on a built-in integration of TOR (GitHub) or (GitHub)
  • Sporran - The Sporran wallet is a browser extension that provides a gateway to the KILT blockchain identity protocol and Web3 services (GitHub)
  • Treasure Chest - Treasure Chest is the main full node wallet for the ARRR cryptocurrency (GitHub)
  • Edge - The most secure way to buy, store & trade crypto under your control (GitHub)
  • Wasabi Wallet - Open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet for desktop (GitHub)
  • Samourai Wallet - A modern bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private your identity masked and your funds secured (Docs)
  • Fedi - Billions of people are unable to hold bitcoin on or off exchanges. Fedi, powered by Fedimint, allows anyone to use Bitcoin easily, securely, and collaboratively
  • Zecrey Wallet - Zecrey Chrome extension is a portal to the new & open Internet. Zecrey is an all-in-one wallet that not only provides a multi-chain layer-1 wallet but also a private cross-chain layer-2 wallet (GitHub)
  • Railway - DeFi privacy wallet
  • Brave Wallet - The secure multi-chain crypto wallet (GitHub)
  • BlockWallet - The first crypto wallet protecting you on Web3 without any compromises (GitHub)
  • Starshell - A privacy-preserving, free and open-source Web3 wallet built for the Secret Network and Cosmos ecosystem. (GitHub)
  • Frame - A privacy focused Ethereum wallet that runs natively on macOS, Windows and Linux (GitHub)
  • Sons of Crypto - web3 wallet by degens for degens (GitHub)
  • Sparrow - A Bitcoin wallet for those who value financial self sovereignty (GitHub]
  • YWallet - YWallet is a privacy oriented wallet and messenger for Ycash and Zcash.
  • Blockstream Green - A multi-platform, feature-rich Bitcoin and Liquid wallet (GitHub]
  • [Specter-DIY] - DIY airgapped hardware wallet that uses QR codes for communication with the host (GitHub)
  • SeedSigner - Air-gapped DIY Bitcoin Signing Device (GitHub)
  • Krux - Open-source signing device firmware for Bitcoin
  • Zkopru - Affordable Ethereum Privacy Wallet ✨️ZK (GutHub)
  • Leo wallet - Safe and easy way to interact with the Aleo blockchain (GutHub)
  • Nighthawk Wallet - Private Money in your pocket. (GutHub)

Computing network

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  • Phala Network - Privacy-Enhanced Permissionless Computing Protocol (GitHub)
  • Aleph Zero - Privacy-enhancing public blockchain with instant finality (GitHub)
  • Findora - a decentralized, privacy-preserving smart contract platform. (GitHub)
  • ARPA - Threshold BLS network can serve as the infrastructure of verifiable random number generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, decentralized custody etc (GitHub)
  • Phoenix - blockchain infrastructure empowering intelligence web3 applications (GitHub)
  • Privasea - Using secure Multi-Party sharing we protect data ownership and privacy, and facilitate secure sharing between different parties so data still can be processed.
  • Alaya - Alaya is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON (GitHub)

Layer 2

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  • Polygon Nightfall - A Privacy-Focused Rollup for Enterprises ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Zecrey - zkRollup basedLayer 2 protocol featuring privacy and scalability (GitHub)
  • Obscuro - Obscuro is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum that brings privacy and scale. It ensures the inputs, contract state and execution are always encrypted. No changes to dApps, just migrate and gain privacy (Docs)
  • ZKCHAOS - ZKCHAOS is a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, and a fair game platform, which is built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency.
  • StarkEX - A Layer-2 scalability engine, live on Ethereum Mainnet ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Plebble - P2P Network of computers running the Plebble software (L1 & L2) (GitHub)


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  • Deeper Network - Web 3.0 infrastructure of the users, by the users, for the users.
  • Motherbored - #dVPN hardware (node + SM card) (GitHub)
  • RoninDojo Tanto - Fully validating Bitcoin full node. Served over a Tor hidden service.
  • DappNode - Easy to use hardware and software solution for running Ethereum and other kind of nodes, staking, IPFS, etc.
  • Avado - A plug-and-play hardware device that connects users to many different kinds of blockchains. Their node-running software makes it easy and efficient for users to help power multiple networks at once, and earn crypto in the process (GitHub)
  • Foundation - The new standard for Bitcoin self custody. Introducing Passport hardware wallet and Envoy mobile app (GitHub)


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  • Boring Protocol - A Decentralized VPN on Solana (Docs)
  • Mysterium VPN - A global, distributed network powered by everyday people. Network participants are incentivised to share their resources in a supply and demand marketplace, helping others gain access to the open internet (GitHub)
  • Orchid - Orchid is a platform that enables an onion routing network incentivized by OXT and a multi-hop VPN client (GitHub)
  • MEILE - A decentralized VPN Client utilizing the Sentinel Blockchain (GitHub)
  • KelVPN - The first ever deanon-proof VPN is now available. It keeps your data safe by tunnelling it between the blockchain nodes and encrypting it with variable quantum-safe encryption.
  • Lokinet - a VPN tunnel that uses onion routing as the transport (GitHub)
  • Sentinel - A global network of autonomous dVPN applications that enable private and censorship resistant internet access (GitHub)
  • IVPN - IVPN keeps no logs, no customer accounts, open source VPN provider using WireGuard. Can pay for VPN connection with BTC or XMR and can get 'subscriptions' that last 1 wee or 1 month, not for 1 year+. (GitHub)
  • ProtonVPN - Swiss VPN provider with encrypted email and online storage (GitHub)
  • Solar labs - World’s first truly decentralized blockchain-based VPN service.


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  • KILT - A blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers (GitHub)
  • MBuddy - Web 3.0+ identity infrastructure Docs
  • Web3ID - Privacy-preserving user verification for Web3 (GitHub)
  • Anonybit - Anonybit’s revolutionary, patented solution offers a decentralized framework that strengthens compliance, protects identity, and secures personal assets (focus on biometrics)
  • Polygon ID - Polygon ID is a blockchain-native identity system with programmable privacy that empowers people and enables the creation of trusted interactions with web3 services ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Dmail Network - Construct DID in Web3.0, Not Just an Email.
  • Litentry - A decentralized identity aggregator, providing the structure and tools to empower you and your identity (GitHub)
  • VerusID - VerusID is for self-sovereign individuals, and conscious organizations that value their data (GitHub)
  • Findora CR - Enabling ZK Identity Management & CRedentials for Web3 (GitHub)
  • Iden3 - The open-source protocol at the basis of Polygon ID. The protocol defines on a low-level how the parties listed above communicate and interact with each other. Polygon ID is an abstraction layer to enable developers to build applications leveraging the Iden3 protocol (GitHub)
  • Holonym - Your ZK Passport for Web3. A holistic identity that lets you prove facts about yourself without revealing who you are ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • zCloak - Privacy-first DID and verifiable computation infrastructure ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • BrightID - A social identity network that allows you to prove that you’re only using one account. It’s the holy grail of digital identity (GitHub)
  • Sismo - Sismo is a modular protocol issuing ZK Badges for reputation portability and aggregation (GitHub)
  • ONT ID - Bringing trustless identity to Web3 manage your data with ONT ID (GitHub)
  • Interep - Anti-sybil as a service (GitHub)
  • Universal Reputation - a private and non-repudiable reputation system (GitHub)
  • Zero Knowledge Verifiable Credential - Sketching out verifiable credential selective disclosure presentation on Mina with snarky.js
  • Cerebrum - Ensure everyone in your organization is credentialed and compliant with Cerebrum's verifiable data technology and vID ecosystem (GitHub)
  • Spruce - the open-source stack to leave control of identity and data where it should be: with users. (GitHub)
  • Hypersign - the ultimate stack for identity management (GitHub)
  • Fractal ID - We help web3 platforms and ecosystems ensure data and regulatory compliance by enabling selective disclosure of verified user data to KYC/AML status (GitHub)


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  • AnyDAO - Vote aggregation across different blockchain networks with adjustable privacy settings which controls the visibility of the voting Docs
  • HeyAnon - allows noun-holders to give feedback on proposals while maintaining their privacy using zero-knowledge proofs ✨️*ZK


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  • Shinobi - Privacy Solution for Bitcoin Using the Secret Network (GitHub)
  • Aztec Connect - The Aztec Connect SDK allows any Ethereum protocol to be integrated in Aztec’s private rollup with a simple Solidity interface and front-end SDK (GitHub)
  • ChainPort Private Bridge - Full control and security for your token – manage supported chains, path, amounts, and own the keys (GitHub)
  • Blockbend - Anonymous cross-chain transactions, farming, prepaid crypto card, escrow service.
  • ZkPay - Private Aztec withdrawal Bridge.
  • Secret Bridge - bridge to the Secret Network
  • Shade bridge - an interface that allows you to seamlessly bridge assets between different blockchains using the power of IBC. (Docs)
  • Rialto bridge - Transfer Assets from Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain to Findora Blockchain (Docs)


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  • Waku - Waku is the communication layer for Web3. Decentralized communication that scales (GitHub)
  • Status - Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology (GitHub)
  • xx messenger - An ultra-private messaging app, powered by the quantum-resistant and decentralized xx network (GitHub)
  • ALTER - Private & Secure Communication App Utilizing Secret Nework's secret contract technology.
  • Session - An end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimises sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance.
  • BCchat - A decentralized, privacy messenger built over the Beldex blockchain.
  • Crypviser Secure Messenger - The most private messaging app, based on Blockchain technology.
  • XMTP x Lens - Lens Protocol has adopted XMTP to provide a secure and private direct messaging layer for the entire Lens ecosystem (Docs)
  • Senging.me - open-source communication & social platform.
  • Zion - The safest way to join, chat and send (GitHub)
  • RLN Anonymous Chat - A spam resistant instant messaging application for private and anonymous communication.
  • Beepo - a social networking application integrated with a multichain chain crypto wallet, a web 3 browser, instant messaging and calling, an eCommerce store, and a sales catalog section for business accounts (GitHub)
  • Pastenym - Anon text sharing service (GitHub)
  • Onionclub - is blockchain based, business & social platform.


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  • Puma browser - Puma is a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem. Private by design.
  • Brave - Browse privately. Search privately. And ditch Big Tech (GitHub)
  • Opera Crypto Browser - Experience the Web3 browser for crypto users. Get crypto-oriented security enhancements, manage multiple crypto wallets simultaneously, and access Discord, Telegram and more directly from the sidebar.
  • Osiris - Osiris is the world's first net-neutral browser.
  • Decentr - Creating a bridge between internet users and applications developed with distributed ledger technology, an open source platform, which enables you to manage and pay with your Personal Data Value (GitHub)
  • Carbon Browser - Join over 5M+ Users. The Fastest Web 3 Browser. AdBlock + 100% Privacy (GitHub)
  • Status - Access the latest defi dapps, exchanges, marketplaces, games and more with the Web3 Browser


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  • Notebook labs - Zero-Knowledge Cryptography for anonymous KYC and soul-bound credentials.✨️ZK (Docs)
  • KYC not me - With KYCNOT.ME I want to make it easier for people to find trustworthy ways to buy, exchange, trade and use cryptos without needing to identify themselves, and preserving the decentralized and self-governed essence of Cryptocurrencies. (Codeberg repo)
  • socialKYC - your decentralized social credentials (GitHub)
  • Hashbon Pass - Tokenized All Web3 Pass to KYC while being anonymous.
  • OutDID - Your Zero-Knowledge, Decentralized KYC filter of Blockchain users.
  • Holonym - ZK-identity protocol for anonymous KYC, sybil resistance, and compliance. ✨️ZK (GitHub)


alt text

  • 1RPC - The Web3 Private RPC Relay (Docs) + (GitHub)
  • Secure RPC - SecureRpc is a bare-metal, fully conformant JSON-RPC/gRPC Infrastructure plane that aims to perform well.
  • D.E.R.P - Dumb Ethereum RPC provider
  • Ethereum Portal Network - Decentralized P2P overlay network on top of Ethereum devp2p for serving RPC requests
  • Spook - Mixing service using the Nym network to anonymize Ethereum RPC calls


  • Skiff Drive - Secure file storage (GitHub)
  • SkyNet - Skynet is an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web using Sia (GitHub)
  • VUP - Private and decentralized cloud storage (GitHub)
  • Sia - Decentralized data storage (GitHub)
  • vult - Your private cloud
  • Züs - a high performance storage network powering limitless applications. Its a new way to earn a passive income from storage (GitHub)
  • SerenityShield - The Leading Sensitive Data Storage Solution on Blockchain. Security, Privacy and Digital Rights for Everyone
  • TransferChain - enables users to store, process and share their data while ensuring its privacy and security (GitHub)
  • Swarm - a decentralised data storage and distribution technology. Ready to power the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps (GitHub)
  • DJIB - is the next generation Web3 storage (GitHub)
  • Crust - Web3.0 Storage for the Metaverse (GitHub)


alt text

  • Skiff - Web3 email, drive, and docs (GitHub)
  • 2FA Guru - a simple solution to interact with DApps by enforcing an additional signature check before each transaction (GitHub)
  • Skiff Pages - Private, End-to-End Encrypted Notes (GitHub)
  • Mask - Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media like Facebook & Twitter - with an open-sourced browser extension (GitHub)
  • ZkMaps - Protecting users location with ZK proofs (GitHub)
  • Telios - Secure Communication with Encrypted Data and Email (GitHub)
  • Plugin.io - Privacy focussed, ad free social media & digital marketplace.
  • Krebit - is an open identity verification protocol for Web3 Verifiable Credentials (GitHub)
  • FYEO Identity - Decentralized password management. Real-time identity monitoring.
  • LiquidFactory - unlocks liquidity to DeFi, GameFi & NFTs.
  • CheqD - a secure network that enables individuals and organisations to fully control their personal data. It allows self-sovereign identity (SSI) companies to build and deliver secure solutions to you (GitHub)
  • SPKZ - the first fully decentralized web3 community/chat platform
  • TLSNotary - Proof of data authenticity (GitHub)
  • Damus - The social network you control
  • Weavemail - the mail that cannot be lost, censored, or read by Google: Weavemail is mail that you own.
  • Stealthdrop - Anonymous Airdrops using ZK-SNARKS ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • Bringing Privacy to ENS - ChainSafe’s Proposed Integration Using Aztec Network (GitHub)
  • Zerochain - Zerochain is a generic, privacy-protecting layer on top of Substrate
  • Silent Data - Verify web2 Data in web3 Applications
  • okSign - Create, Sign and Save eSignatures with smart contracts and permissioned NFTs.
  • Literully - a decentralized voting platform that allows users to create and participate in voting on any topic, all without giving up their privacy or control over their data (Docs)
  • WireMin - a decentralised social network


alt text

  • Graphene OS - The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility (GitHub)
  • CalyxOS - Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users. (GitLab)
  • Whonix - Whonix™ is software designed to preserve privacy and anonymity by helping users run applications anonymously. Whonix™ can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux and Qubes. (GitHub)
  • Qubes OS - Qubes OS is a free and open-source, security-oriented operating system for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS leverages Xen-based virtualization to allow for the creation and management of isolated compartments called qubes. (GitHub)
  • TAILS OS - Tails is a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship. (GitLab)
  • nix-bitcoin - a collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security (GitHub)


alt text

  • Stashh - Explore the world's first marketplace for NFTs with privacy by default and unlock their hidden data. (GitHub)
  • Legendao - The play-to-mint NFT platform, powered by Secret Network, that enables top artists, brands, and NFT creators to launch their NFT projects in a unique, gamified way.
  • Arcana's Private NFT - new supported format by Arcana preserving privacy within NFT minting (Docs)
  • Paras - a blockchain-agnostic protocol that offers privacy to NFTs. Specifically, one may hide the real NFTs and only display a reference to them on marketplaces, hide seller and bidder identities, hide bid values and user wallet balances (concept by Vanishree Rao)
  • NFT Fair - The do-good NFT launch platform
  • Bidshop - The first and only trustless marketplace with encrypted & secret bidding. Opening a new world of gamification and liquidity for NFT's.
  • The Anon Club - worlds first privacy focused digital collectibles
  • geniish - Confidential NFTs for exclusive experiences (Docs)
  • certUP - SecretNFT Certificates revolutionising official document distribution, verification and publication (GitHub)
  • Actilist - Secret NFT auctions (GitHub)
  • Fade WTF - Privacy for NFTs (Powered by Light Protocol)


alt text

  • Privy - Privy's simple, powerful APIs help you manage user data off-chain (GitHub)
  • Conveyor - Automata Conveyor is an anti-front-running service that ingests and outputs transactions in a determined order (MEV Minimization solution) (GitHub)
  • Particl - The only marketplace for private and unrestricted e-commerce (GitHub)
  • Spinner - Private transactions for ICP and BTC (GitHub)
  • Incognito - The privacy marketplace for crypto assets (GitHub)
  • EtherMail - EtherMail allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox
  • Nucleo - Private, auditable shared multisig to shield & send assets
  • Meson - a mix network for cryptocurrency transactions. It breaks the link connecting your network-level information to your cryptocurrency transactions (GitHub)
  • Lava - Lava pairs Providers with Applications for scalable, private and uncensored access to Web3.
  • rotki - rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy (GitHub)
  • Kachina - Foundations of Private Smart Contracts (predecessor to IOG's Midnight)
  • Beetroot - BEETroot has created and put together the best cryptocurrency tools and dapps that enable anonymity and maintain self-custody whilst swapping across chains, bridging and ramping to and from fiat.
  • Ronin DOJO software stack - Manage your bitcoin privacy and sovereignty with ease (GitLab)
  • Semaphore Protocol - Using zero knowledge, Semaphore allows Ethereum users to prove their membership of a group and send signals such as votes or endorsements without revealing their original identity ✨️ZK (GitHub)
  • BTC Pay - a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free (GitHub)
  • Nostr - A decentralized network based on cryptographic keypairs and that is not peer-to-peer, it is super simple and scalable and therefore has a chance of working.
  • Zkitter - ZK social protocol, anonymous social network
  • Abakhus protocol - A privacy-preserving protocol for Health and Life Sciences (GutHub)
  • Minds - Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media.
  • Shadow - A Private Account System On Mina (GitHub)
  • S𝛑PETs - Universal covert privacy-enhanced transactions for ANY public blockchain that supports ECDSA or Schnorr based on two-party computation (2PC) combined with adaptor signatures and verifiable timed commitments (VTC) (GitHub)
  • Media Network - a privacy-first and community-governed CDN (GitHub)
  • Tezos sapling via åirGap - sapling or shielded transactions allows you to perform privacy-preserving transactions of fungible tokens in a decentralized environment
  • Datum - Web3 Privacy-preserving Data Service (GitHub)
  • Rosetta - a privacy-preserving framework based on TensorFlow
  • OpenTss - MPC-based Key Management Protocol


alt text

  • Leading Privacy Alliance - The purpose of the LPA of Web3 is to speak up for everyone working in the Web3 industry and make them aware of the need for privacy (by design).
  • Universal Privacy Alliance - The Universal Privacy Alliance seeks to advance the understanding of privacy as the very basis of free and flourishing digital societies.


alt text

  • P0X labs - the decentralized laboratory for building cutting-edge privacy technologies.
  • =nil; Foundation - Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storages operating in insecure environments.
  • No Trust Verify - Take place to the next generation of privacy infrastructure.
  • Privacy & Security explorations - We explore new use cases for zero-knowledge proofs and other cryptographic primitives through research and proof-of-concepts.
  • 01 Labs - Catalyzing a new generation of applications powered by zero knowledge cryptography
  • Personae Labs - R&D lab investigating the future of human expression online (GitHub)
  • Demox labs - Building privacy preserving ZK infrastructure on Aleo.
  • Electric Coin. Co - R&D advances accessibility, usability and scalability of Zcash, but the implications of our work have an even broader potential.
  • Hypermine - we build smart tools and protocols for Identity, Privacy & Security, with our roots in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning & Cryptography.
  • Entropy1729 - Zero Knowledge Shop
  • Trivium - provides validator services to serveral networks, and develops privacy-preserving dApps (GitHub)
  • RealRan - comes from the global engineering and cryptography research team, expertise in cryptography protocol and distribution consensus engineering (GitHub)


alt text

  • nodl One - a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node.
  • nodl Dojo - a collaboration between nodl and the Samourai Wallet team. The nodl Dojo is a full Bitcoin and Lightning Network node.
  • RaspiBlitz - DIY Bitcoin & Lightning Node on a RaspberryPi
  • Start9 - Sovereign computing for a free future (GitHub)
  • myNode - The easiest, most powerful way to run a Bitcoin and Lightning node (GitHub)
  • NiceNode - Launcher with a simple user experience to run an Ethereum node on your computer.
  • Stereum - Graphical tool for installing Ethereum clients on a remote server via SSH connection with a simple setup guide, phone app for remote monitoring, control center and other features.

Mixing services

alt text

  • UniJoin - We help you regain and maintain your anonymity by mixing your cryptos in a pool with other anonymity enthusiasts and receive untraceable coins using CoinJoin technology
  • TC - is an open source, non-custodial, fully decentralized cryptocurrency tumbler that runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks.
  • Coinomize - Coinomize helps you protect your privacy and identity and mix your Bitcoins (CoinJoin) easily and cheaply without storing any logs from you.
  • Mix BTC - bitcoin mixer.
  • 0xTIP - 0xTIP features mixing, private bridging from Ethereum to BNB chain as well as off-chain transfers.
  • Onion mixer - Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.
  • Whirlpool - Break the link your coins leave behind with built in CoinJoin available on any platform. (Docs)
  • Cyclone - Cyclone is a protocol that applies zkSNARKs to enable transactional privacy by breaking the on-chain link between depositor and recipient addresses (Docs)
  • JoinMarket - Decentralized bitcoin coinjoin for improving privacy and fungibility
  • Void protocol - Void protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an non custodial opt-in financial privacy service (Docs)
  • CoinShuffle++ - CoinShuffle++ (CSPP) is a mixing protocol used to create Decred CoinJoin transactions.
  • HideYour.cash - is a private transactions protocol (mixer) designed for well-intended users on NEAR Protocol
  • Minado - Zk Privacy Solution on Mina Protocol

Podcasts & blogs

alt text

  • Seth for Privacy - My aim overall is to educate and learn more myself about where technology and privacy meet
  • Priv8 - Plug in every week with host Derek E. Silva as he joins leading experts to explore questions around privacy, technology, and freedom in the digital age.


alt text

  • ETH Brno - an annual independent & open community hackathon for supporters of decentralised finance, smart contracts and Web3 happening in Brno, Czech Republic 13 projects: (Devfolio)
Winner Description
Lunar aka Brume Wallet the first privacy native Ethereum wallet based on a built-in integration of TOR (GitHub) or (GitHub)
  • ETH Berlin - a hackathon, a cultural festival, an educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward. 100 projects: (Devfolio)
Winner Description
rsociety LET'S HACK ETHBERLIN. We redistribute the 10k winner DAI from the Open Track to all the hackers, claimable from our smart contract. (GitHub) or (GitHub)
  • Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis - the flagship event of Paralelní Polis, which since 2014 has been regularly attended by over 500 fans and IT experts from all over the world.
  • ETH #Privacy - ETH #Privacy is the hackathon around privacy, organized by the Leading Privacy Alliance of web3.

Network state

alt text

  • Logos - a grassroots movement to provide trust-minimized, corruption resistant governing services and social institutions to underserved citizens (GitHub)

Support independent research on the Web3 privacy

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